Frank Lewis

Name:Frank Lewis

Nickname: The Hammer

Born: January 2, 1937

Reside: Montreal, Canada

Frank is a vetern wrestler that has wrestle most in europe  but debut in the US with GLW as the World Champion. Frank was give the nickname the Hammer because of his strikes are know to feel like a hammer.

Era as World ChampionEdit

Frank brought the World title from europa but later lost the title to Jack Harris on GLW episode 1.

Frank Lewis .1

Second World TitleEdit

After little jounery back to the top In GLW episode 3 Frank Lewis defeated Jack Harris and won his second World title. The match was give 4 star by TV rating systems. In Episode 4 Lewis run would end when he lose the title to Carnage.

Frank Lewis World Cham 2

Thrird World titleEdit

In Global Wrestling episode 9 Lewis his third World title by defeating Rick Stanford. Frank also was awarded the Undisputed Champion award. Lewis lost the title at Super-Show Soul Survivor.

Frank Lewis World Cham 3