GLW Episode 4 (Season finals)

City: Jamesville, TN

Attendance: 20,000

Rating: B

CAW-Global Wrestling 401:43

CAW-Global Wrestling 4


Scene- GM Mark Fox does a raffle for the highlight match of the night. The highigh match is a Women's battle for the Women's title.

Match 1- Jessica Nelson defeat Lisa Clark  wins round 1 of the Women battle royal.

Match 2- Kelly Martin defeat Casey Hunter and  wins round 2 of the Womens battle royal.

Match 3- Kelly Martin defaet Jessica Nelson in sem-final women battle royal.

Match 4- Chris Wilson wins the Lightweight title

Match 5- Kelly Martin defeat June Butler and wins Women title

Match 6 Carnage def Frank Lewis for the World title.

Scene- Mark Fox is awarded Manager of the year by President Bradey Regal 

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